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The evolution of CGM helmets

Published : 05/28/2019 09:05:37
Categories : Helmets

 The evolution of CGM helmets

We could not miss in our column one of the most popular companies in the scooter sector and, why not, also in the motorcycle sector.

Let's start with a brief introduction, the CGM ITALIA S.R.L. is an Italian company now present on the market for a good 14 years, positioning itself immediately in the first places for its products of excellent quality and above all by offering affordable prices to all types of customers.

Having opened these brief brackets, let us now analyze the CGM range in the new 2018/2019 collection. At the moment the company has as many as 147 catalog helmets, from baby helmets to full-face models passing through jets and modular ones.


Yes EVOLUTION, this is the appropriate term precisely because in these years the company has shown great dedication and care of every detail to improve year after year and satisfy every customer need, also collaborating with giants like PINLOCK to keep up with the ruthless competition present in the international market.

Let's start with our beloved 107: Innovative cap and the company's flagship! Extremely compact, light and comfortable helmet. Interiors designed to the smallest detail to ensure care of the scalp and good internal ventilation, removable and washable for good maintenance. Retail price € 76.25 including VAT (discover now the discounted prices and click here)

The brand new 129 model was presented at the Eicma fair in Milan, with a long external visor, which extends to cover the chin, with a predisposition for a PINLOCK lens. It has an internal smoked-glass concealed eyewear regulated by the rotation of the left helmet plate. It is also equipped with an aeration system that uses the front air intakes and rear extractors, perforated, removable and washable interiors, enriched by rear reflective strips to improve passive safety. Retail price € 96.38 including VAT (discover now the discounted prices and click HERE)

To say the least, the brand new 307 integral model is astonishing: The first feature that immediately stands out in our eyes is the outer shell, which is very compact to be an integral! Equipped with an external visor, with a widened field of view, with locking mechanism, predisposition for PINLOCK lens and tilting visor fixing system, which pushes the visor when closed on the gasket, guaranteeing an optimal grip. It is also equipped with an aeration system guaranteed by the presence of an air intake on the chin guard, upper air intakes and double rear air extractors. Available in June!

Finally, after the great success of the 506 model, the new 508 will soon be available: Modern design with new sports graphics. It is equipped with an external visor, with an enlarged field of view, with a locking lock and a predisposition for a PINLOCK lens. It also features a metal chin guard locking system, a button to lock the chin guard in the raised position and extra smoky retractable inner glasses. And to think that with all the features offered by the company the price is really CRAZY, € 120.00 including VAT (without applying the discount offered by us).

In short, vast choice, ultra-low prices and guaranteed quality. Simply CGM!

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